Pediatric Dentistry & Others

Pediatric Dentistry

We see children as early as two years old. We only take x-rays if they are truly needed to properly diagnose cavities or other issues. We believe that developing a good experience at the dentist at an early age helps the child later in life to seek dental treatment if he or she needs it without fear or anxiety getting in the way. We provide pulpotomies, fillings and extractions for kids in relaxing and fun environment.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes even after exploring all other avenues, a tooth may have to be removed. Dr. Jenny is known to give very comfortable local anesthesia and extract teeth painlessly. We also provide bone-grafting options for future implants or to help maintain the bony ridge after extraction.

TMJ disorder treatment

TMJ pain can lead to migraines, shoulder and neck pain. We make bite splints to help put the jaw in a more comfortable position to help the muscles surrounding the TMJ relax and decrease pain.

Periodontal disease therapy

For those with periodontal disease, we will provide a targeted hygiene protocol which may include laser treatment to best treat your particular needs. Our laser gently and effectively treats the infected periodontal pocket. Laser treatment can preserve tissue, regenerate it and in some cases, rebuild bone down in the pocket. We also can target the particular strains of bacteria that could be contributing to your periodontal disease by performing a saliva test.

Root Canal therapy

When decay is too deep to simply perform a filling, root canal therapy is required. Other instances for need of this treatment is severe throbbing pain and or abscess. We numb the tooth very well so that you are very comfortable and use the latest technology including rotary instruments, Apex locator and Endo Activator.