Esthetic Crown

A crown is complete coverage of one’s tooth to protect it from fracture. It is often needed after root canal therapy, if there is a large crack or missing part of the tooth or if there is a large existing filling in the tooth with a new cavity. Our office believes in metal-free restorations, so our crowns are tooth colored through and through. We use zirconium or lithium disilicate crowns which are strong and also very cosmetic. Patients no longer see the “black line” under their crowns. The gums around these crowns can also be healthier because they are metal-free.


A bridge is a non-removable way to fill in the gaps of missing teeth. It is a crown that is linked to other crowns and placed over the teeth and spaces. It is a great alternative to implants if the patient does not want implants or it is not possible due to bone loss. We use metal free material so they are very cosmetic and also strong.


Dentures are an affordable solution to missing teeth. We offer cosmetic and streamlined designs of dentures to make them comfortable and beautiful.

Mouth Guard

Some people have grinding habits that severely damage their teeth and break down dental work very quickly. A mouth guard can be made in our office to slow down the deterioration of the teeth and help people wake up with less discomfort in their jaws from grinding their teeth at night.

General Dentistry