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  • Consultation
    Do you need a second opinion? Or do you need to see if anything can be done for what concerns you? The doctor will carefully listen to your needs and offer options and advice on how to achieve them. This may involve taking some x-rays and photos of the issue. Our goal is to help you be informed and get the best dental care.
  • Fluoride
    Our office believes in preventative dental treatment because it is essential to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Fluoride treatment is not only for kids but even for adults who are prone to cavities. This simple treatment can be used to remineralize weakened enamel and reduce hypersensitivity in teeth. Sometimes, fluoride can even prevent early cavities from ever needing to be drilled. We use a white varnish which is painted onto your teeth after the professional dental cleaning.
  • Dental Exam
    Our dental exam is comprehensive. We gather a complete medical and dental history. We will take your blood pressure, take digital photos of your teeth, and screen for oral cancer, sleep apnea, periodontal disease, occlusal disease, broken down dentistry and decay. If requested, we can also provide a cosmetic screening during the exam. This exam will include taking the minimum amount of x-rays to properly detect and diagnose any issues that may be occurring in your mouth. By carefully evaluating the x-ray images and clinically examining the mouth, the doctor will diagnose and provide dental options.
  • Sealants
    Sealants are excellent preventive dental treatments that in the long run can avoid a patient from needing future fillings, crowns or even extractions. The grooves of our teeth are the earliest areas for cavities to form. Some people have anatomical grooves that are too deep to be properly cleaned by a regular toothbrush. By filling in these grooves with sealant material, we are creating a barrier to prevent food or drink particles from sitting in these grooves and causing cavities.
  • Oral Cancer Screening
    Oral cancer is a very serious disease and if detected early, can literally save a person’s life. Avoiding tobacco and alcohol significantly reduces one’s chances of getting oral cancer. Our office has a panoramic x-ray machine which can also detect hard tissue lesions that might be missed on routine x-rays. If anything looks suspicious, swift action by taking a sample of the lesion and having it biopsied will be recommended.
  • Dental Cleaning
    Our hygienist will provide a very comfortable yet thorough cleaning to remove unwanted tartar and staining on your teeth. For our sensitive patients, we can place a topical anesthetic or even provide local anesthesia to the gums to make the experience pleasant. Regular dental cleanings can help patients have a brighter smile and fresher breath. Our hygienist will also provide instructions on how best to maintain healthy gums and teeth at home.

General Dentistry

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