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Cadillac of dental chairs

We have A-dec dental chairs.

The so called “Cadillac of dental chairs” have excellent lumbar support to make your visit very comfortable.

omnicam scanner.jpg

Omnicam digital scanner

Our Omnicam digital scanner scans your teeth and creates a virtual 3D model of your teeth without the need for traditional wet impressions. This scanner increases the speed and accuracy of dental treatment. 

opv-pan3_4right (1).jpg

Digital X-ray and pan

The digital x-ray significantly reduces radiation and is very fast. For patients with gag or pain issues with traditional sensors, we have digital Panoramic imaging with low radiation.


Our laser is used for a variety of things including periodontal therapy, gingivectomies, frenectomies and cold sore treatment. Post operative healing is comfortable with little to no bleeding.

Electric handpiece

The electric handpiece that we use is much quieter and has constant torque, unlike traditional air driven handpieces. Less time is needed for the procedure because of this technology.

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