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Implants offer a great option for those who are missing teeth and want to be able to chew and function with something that feels as close as possible to the real thing.  An added benefit of implants is the preservation of valuable bone that otherwise would have been lost.  In some cases Dr. Jenny can place a tooth on your new implant on the same day of surgery!  This is especially helpful for those emergency broken teeth in the smile zone!    


Some people are hesitant about going through the procedure due to fears so Dr. Jenny wants to make this service a no brainer for those on the fence.  What sets us apart from many others is that we perform guided implant surgery.  Guided implant surgery integrates cone beam technology with 3D digital scanning to create a surgical guide.  Benefits include precise and accurate placement of the implant, preservation of anatomical structures, shorter surgery time, minimal invasiveness and less postoperative strain.  This also helps ensure that the crown that goes over your implant is lifelike.  We, as a General and Family Dentist, also offer oral antianxiety medication for those who feel they need it. 


Atraumatic Extractions and Bone Grafting

Dr. Jenny has special extraction tools called periotomes which help extractions to be gentle on the jaws and in turn on the patient!  It makes for the most comfortable method for extraction that in turn is minimally invasive and leads to faster recovery postoperatively.  We also offer bone grafting options to preserve the precious bone around the missing tooth.  In as little as six months after an extraction, up to 5mm of bone volume can be lost and it can keep shrinking as the years go by.  This creates an unsightly area and even can change one’s facial appearance.  With grafting, we are able to slow that process down significantly and also create an excellent foundation for a future implant.

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